The Vaccination Controversy

Are Vaccinations Safe?

Vaccinations have become a very touchy topic for discussion. Are they safe? Should we believe reports that maybe they aren’t? Who should we believe?

My advice to every parent…please do your own research. I have and I do not like what I am finding.

Let’s start with something that really bothers me, the ingredient list in a vaccine.
CLICK HERE and read for yourself. I find this to be something to be very concerned about.

Standards of Society

office_worker_hard_at_work_anim_150My wife’s job requires her to do a lot of research, so I asked her to start researching when she objected to some of the material I was finding. Like most people, we have all been raised to believe that we should vaccinate our children to keep them safe from disease, and she was very upset with me for even questioning whether or not we should vaccinate. After all, it’s a standard of society, we ARE supposed to vaccinate our kids without questioning, after all, THEY know better and we should listen…right?

One of the first things my wife found in her research startled her quite a bit. According to what she read, in the early days of vaccinations, only the wealthy could afford to vaccinate their children. It was just too expensive for the general public. And autism was only found in the wealthy population.

Then vaccinations were made available to the general public…and autism showed up in the general population. Yes, this was a very disturbing fact and got my wife’s attention. She went on to find a few more things that concerned her, but I don’t remember now exactly what they were, as I have seen so many different things to be concerned about.

stick_figure_doctorOne Doctors Story

One article that really caught my attention was about a doctor and the story of his four kids. The article started off telling us how the doctor was a very, very strong proponent of vaccinations. He went around lecturing on the benefits of vaccines and explaining to people why they were safe and why we should vaccinate our children.

After his first child was born, they vaccinated the child at the appropriate age according to medical standards. According to him, there is a small percentage of the population that will be adversely affected by vaccinations, and according to medical standards this is an acceptable risk we should all be willing to endure if necessary. His child was one of those unfortunate children, and he accepted that his family was one of the unlucky few.

Then his second child was born, and this child also was affected by receiving vaccinations. But this didn’t deter him from his beliefs one little bit. He accepted the fact that his family was some sort of statistical anomaly and things like this happen. He accepted it.

Then his third child was born, and once again the unthinkable happened, this child too was affected by the vaccines. By this time he was starting to wonder what was going on, but still he accepted the unusual fate of his family, that three children would be affected. Yes, this bothered him, just as it would anyone, but he still stood strong in his belief in vaccines.

Then…his fourth child was born. Once again, the vaccinations affected another of his children. This time though, he came to realize that lightening doesn’t just strike 4 times in the same place, something was obviously wrong.

This time, he started to research for himself and this once proud doctor who stood strong in his belief of vaccines no longer does so. His research uncovered some things that greatly disturbed him, and now he stands against the medical industry and vaccinations. The moral of this story is simple…we should all do some simple research for ourselves rather than take their word for it.

Another Doctor’s Story

I recently read an article by a Doctor entitled “Why I Will Never Choose To Vaccinate My Own Son Or Any Future Kids My Wife And I Have.” This is a must read article and is very eye opening about the problems and deceit in the vaccine industry. In regards to vaccines, he discusses the flawed research as defined by the medical industries own standards and how they refuse to research according to their own standards because they feel it is unethical to do so. Wow…really? Read what the Doctor says about that.

money_syringesHe goes on to show how many vaccines were introduced to the marketplace after those diseases had already run their course. I’ve seen some of these charts before from other doctors and they discussed how the vaccine industry took credit for eradicating those diseases when the vaccines were too late to do so. Ask yourself, why would they lie about such a thing? Could it have anything at all to do with the billions of dollars they make from vaccinations? It couldn’t be that could it? Yet when you look at the evidence of his article, what other conclusion can you come to?

He goes on to address the measles situation, and how in his research he could only find two deaths back in 2003. Today, the media is really hitting hard the fact that 100 people have the measles as if a major portion of our population is going to have their lives in jeopardy. Regarding whooping cough, he points out that the overwhelmingly majority of kids that had been diagnosed had also been fully vaccinated. He goes on to address many of the vaccines out there and why many of them are actually worthless and there is absolutely no reason to be vaccinating babies for a lot of the things they are vaccinating for.

This article is disturbing in so many ways. So much so that I would suggest you quit reading this right now and click on that link. There is nothing I can write here that would be as important as what he wrote. Read that, then come back here. Oh, and by the way, please, please, please leave a comment below about his article, I would love to hear what your thought are on the subject.


doctor_with_syringe_and_clipboardNow What?

As I suggested before… please do your own research…then decide for yourself.

Might I suggest though that if you only listen to the opinion of the medical industry, you will find only one answer, that vaccines are safe. Perhaps you should expand your research to those who now stand against this industry and find out why they have taken the position they now take. Somewhere in there lies the truth.

As for me, I have done this type of research, and I now refuse to vaccinate my daughter. My doctor strongly disagrees with me, but I have the right to make a decision regarding the health of my child and I do just that.

If you would like to begin your own research but don’t know where to start, contact me. You can also visit this website: where you can find tons of links for websites that offer information. Please, don’t take anyone’s word on this matter, do your own research and make the best decision for you and your family, your child’s future is far too important to take this matter lightly.

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Health

blue_piece_missing_800x800But to take this one step further, I have started looking beyond this industry. I have looked at the health industry as a whole, and I am very greatly disturbed by what I have found. It’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together one piece at a time, and when you have enough pieces in place, the picture starts to become clear, and that picture isn’t a very pretty picture either. Those whom we are supposed to be able to trust…in my opinion…we can’t.

Ask yourself these quesitons…

Why does the FDA and the USDA allow things into our food supply that should NEVER be allowed in our food supply? Just to name a few, how about MSG, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup), or Aspartame. Why is it that Natural Flavors can be almost anything, including the anal glands of a beaver which is used to flavor the strawberry pieces in Instant Oatmeal?

Why does our meat industries allow cows to eat cows as feed, and chickens to eat chickens as feed? Yes, you read that right, they do this. This cannibalism is what caused mad-cow in England, yet they do the same thing here in America. A chicken factory right here where we live takes the un-saleable parts of the chicken, grinds them up into a special patented formula and then feeds that back to the chickens, and they grow three times as fast. How do I know this? I gave a book to someone I know about how the cow industry does this, and when he gave me the book back, to told me his wife worked at the chicken factory and that they do the same thing there too. That was the last day I consumed my favorite food…chicken.

Why are there ingredients in our shampoo and other bathroom products that are toxic to us? Why is it that the safety data sheets for some of these products claim that some of those chemicals aren’t even supposed to touch our skin, yet are in our shampoo? And why is Drano in some brands of toothpastes? If you haven’t done your research on fluoride yet, head on over to and read the two articles there…wow.

These are just a few of the pieces of the puzzle. If none of this concerns you, forget what you read, but be forewarned, you will have to deal with this in the future as it affects your health…and the health of your child. The mind is like an umbrella, it only works when it is open. It is your choice as to whether or not you open your eyes and start to research what is happening right under your nose.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more. You can call me at (803) 467-8889. I’ll be glad to talk to you regarding these things.


Should we blindly follow those in charge? They would say yes. But what do you do when you start to find things that should be questioned? When it comes to your health, you are responsible. Don’t let someone else make those decisions on your behalf.

custom_tin_can_12234Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc are all on the rise. There is a reason for this. Disease is preventable and reversible, but not according to the medical industry. The solution is very, very simple, but they cannot make money and the health industry would go bankrupt if they followed and taught a few simple principles of health. Start asking yourself why there are so many chemicals in your food. Ask yourself what those chemicals are. Then ask why do GMO’s even exist. Ask why MSG or Aspartame is even allowed in our food. Yes, the list of questions is endless. Piece by piece by piece, this puzzle is more disturbing as time goes by.

Feel free to leave your comments or questions, or contact me directly. Ignore your health and it will go away. Let someone else determine your health, and you will one day wonder how you came down with one of those major diseases listed above. Your health, and the health of your child is not something to leave to chance. It’s time to learn how you can stand firm for your own healthy choices.


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