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The birth of a child is one of the most exciting events to happen for any family. Once the baby has been born, family, friends, and co-workers all gather at the hospital to see the newborn baby and to congratulate the new parents.

When a baby is born, what do you think is the most popular gift that people bring or send to the new parents in the hospital?
That’s right…Flowers! And flowers are a great gift…we all love to send and receive flowers.

There is one small problem with sending flowers though…they are such a popular gift that almost everyone sends them. How would you like to be different? How would you like to send something unique, something the new parents will always remember, a gift that only one person or one group of people can send?

Surprise the new parents with a special gift to welcome them home! Be sure our 8 ft. Stork is perched on the lawn when they return home from the hospital!

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Our Storks are a fun way to surprise the new parents and are a great way to welcome home the new baby! There is nothing quite like a Stork perched in the yard to bring a smile to the new parents face when they pull up to the house with their newborn baby!

How do I know? My wife and I were surprised by this special gift when our daughter was born. You can read our story on the ABOUT page. We were so impressed with this awesome gift that we bought the company when we learned it was for sale. It has been a real pleasure meeting new parents when I return to take the Stork back to the nest. I get incredible comments from new parents about how much they loved the surprise, and how much their friends and neighbors also loved the Stork.

Flowers are an awesome gift and I would never discourage anyone from sending flowers, but sending a Stork, now that is about the most unique and fun gift ever, one the new parents will never forget.

You can pre-order, or you can wait until the baby is born to call. If you have any questions, please call and ask.

Call 803-467-8889 now and guarantee that you will be that one person who sends the Stork!


About GregLohr

As owner of Stork News of Columbia, it is a privilege to bring a smile to new parents when bringing home their little bundle of joy from the hospital. My wife and I received the Stork as a gift when our daughter was born and we enjoyed it so much I bought the business when I learned it was for sale. Thank you for choosing Stork News!

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