Stork Rentals Columbia SC


You may order by calling (803) 467-8889

When you call, we need the following information:

BABY’S NAME: First, Middle, & Last
DATE OF BIRTH: Month, Day, & Year
WEIGHT AT BIRTH: Pounds & Ounces
LENGTH: Inches
DELIVERY ADDRESS: Street, City, State, & Zip
SET UP DATE: You may call in advance if you have a planned C-Section to reserve your STORK or you may call to pre-order based on due date. Otherwise, call us as soon as the Baby is born, just let us know which day baby is coming home.
PHONE NUMBERS: We need your phone number and if this is a gift for the new parents, we’ll need their number as well.

Call now to place your order:

(803) 467-8889



We do a lot of Sunday deliveries!

It seems a lot of parents are coming home with their precious bundle of joy on that day. We are closed on Saturdays, but we do check for orders on Saturday evenings for Sunday deliveries.


You may place your order by providing us the information above either by phone or by using the contact form lower on this page. If you use the contact form, please call and leave a message letting us know that you have done so and also leave us a number to reach you and how late we may call on Saturday night, as well as how early we may call you on Sunday morning.


Please call and let us know you used the contact form simply because technology doesn’t always work. We have had a time or two that orders were placed using the contact form and the system failed to provide us the information. If you leave us a voice mail message and phone number, then we can at least call you if we do not receive the information from the contact form.


We certainly don’t want to miss your order. Having received a Stork as a gift before we bought this business, we know the joy of coming home to such a wonderful surprise. We certainly don’t want others to miss out on this experience.