How To Lose That Unwanted Baby Fat

After the Baby is born, the new mom has one thing on her mind aside from all of the daily concerns of taking care of her new precious bundle of joy… She wants to know how fast she is going to be able to lose the baby weight she gained during pregnancy.Many new mothers do not lose this weight. In reality, in many cases they gain even more.

clock_fast_times_text_02THE TIME FACTOR

One of the major reason the new mom has trouble losing weight is TIME. A new baby takes a lot of time, and a lot of effort. Losing weight usually requires some sort of exercise or fitness program, but who can spare that kind of time? There aren’t too many new mothers who can.

Finding an hour a day, or even a half hour a day for the new mother is almost impossible, especially since the three things she is most concerned about is feeding the baby, changing diapers, and sleeping between those activities if possible, in addition to taking care of the home or any other children she may have. So what’s a new mom to do?

Everyone knows that dieting doesn’t work yet they keep dieting. When you diet, you are basically starving yourself, which slows down your metabolism. Once you lose the weight and return to your normal eating habits, your slower metabolism is a guarantee that you will not only put the weight back on, it also means you will add an extra 10 or 20 pounds, which means you begin dieting (starving yourself) again, only to further erode your metabolism guaranteeing that when you go off your diet, you will once again gain the weight back and add on a few extra pounds yet once again.


This is a deadly cycle that many people go through, especially new moms. Would you like to learn how to break this cycle? Would you like to learn how to quit dieting, and how to actually lose the weight while not dieting, and how you only need less than 10 minutes several times per week to accomplish your goals?

I know what you’re about to say….anything that sounds too good to be true, usually is. Before you leave this page, give me just a few minutes to explain to you how losing weight doesn’t involve starving yourself on one of those many fad diets that don’t really give you long term success.

I’d like to tell you about a new program that recently hit the market that can help new parents. How do I know about this program? I was one of those who were fortunate enough to be able to be a part of the beta testing phase of this program! This program educates you as to the reasons that diets don’t work, and why most people fail with their fitness programs. The info I have learned in this program has been amazing.

weight_loss_routineWe had over 500 people testing this program, and we have some amazing testimonies from some of our participants. People are losing weight, and building muscle, and being educated as to why this works! And ladies, building muscle doesn’t mean that you start to look like a man, it means that you build muscle tone while losing the fat.

What makes this work? Muscle burns a lot more calories than fat. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you are going to have to exercise and eat a healthy diet. Junk food and sitting on the couch hoping just won’t help you.

When you call to order a Stork, ask me about this program. I’m having some great results myself and I’ll be happy to tell you about it! As I mentioned earlier, you need less than 10 minutes a day, several times per week, exactly the kind of time a new mom could only hope for.

Here’s a few comments from others who were also a part of the Beta Testing Group:

Drew Narehood
I was skeptic as well. I was taught 90min workouts, or don’t bother. But the results I am getting are better than ever, and I actually look forward to getting to the next workout. Give it an honest try, and I am confident you well get results.

George Hutchings:
Excited to report that by following this program I am slowly but surely getting control of weight issues that have plagued me for the last 13 years. My energy is through the roof, every workout my strength is increasing and in the last 2 weeks I have lost 4 inches alone around the midsection!

Kent R Gwilliam
Today’s webinar had to be the most sensible approach to exercise I have ever heard.

In the meantime, you can CLICK HERE for more information. On that page you’ll find a short video that explains some very simple concepts about diets and why they don’t work, and why it’s not your fault you have trouble losing weight.

You’re not alone. 98% of people who start a fitness and dieting program fail. There is a reason why. If a college Professor always had a student failure rate of 98%, would it be his fault, or the students fault? That’s right, it would be his fault and he would eventually lose his job. Yet the fitness and dieting industry keeps repackaging the same programs over and over again and people fail over and over again to the tune of a 98% failure rate. Something is definitely wrong.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • The reasons why dieting just does not work.
  • Why exercising for hours on end practically guarantees your failure.
  • Why Forbes Magazine says that the fitness industry has a 98% failure rate.
  • How this failing fitness industry keeps you coming back again and again…even though it has such a high failure rate.


That’s right…

Dieting is not the solution.
Hours & hours of exercise…not the solution.
Obesity is now an epidemic and they
want you to believe it is your fault.



Visit and learn for yourself why these programs DON’T work and why it’s not your fault. Got questions? Feel free to call me and ask, even if you don’t order a Stork, I’ll be glad to help in any way that I can, after all, your new baby needs a healthy mom to take care of it, right? Don’t wait, click that link now, and then give me a call right after you watch the short video.

By the way, if you like that short video, you can register for their free webinar which goes into further detail, but the short video is enough to let you know if you like what you see. Click here now and learn how you can get fit in less than 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week!

As a bonus for you, because I was one of those in the Beta Test Group, I have several memberships that allow me to let people try the program for free for 30 days. Be sure to ask about this when you call!

Are you ready to learn why dieting doesn’t work and why 98% of people fail? Are you ready to learn the real secrets of losing weight and keeping it off? Visit right now, or call me:

(803) 467-8889


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