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Our Storks Make Great Gag Gifts

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Gag Gifts are so much fun, especially when the recipient gets a good laugh out of it too! You probably haven’t thought of using a Stork as a gag gift before, so here are some ideas for you to consider…


Our Storks have been a popular item at birthday parties for the not so young, especially for 40th and 50th birthday parties. You can use the Stork to announce the location of the party and the bundle can say things like:

  • The Party Is Here!
  • Happy 50th Birthday!
  • Lordy, Lordy, Hal is Forty!
  • Original Birth Info!
  • Whatever your imagination can think of that fits on the bundle!


Get the picture? If your imagination can think of a good way to turn our Stork into a great gag gift, we’re willing to help you make it happen!


One of my favorites…. A lady called me from Maryland, and she and her good friend has a friendly competition each year to see who can out-do each other for April Fools. I installed a Congratulations Stork in front of the business of the friend here in Columbia. Why was this so funny? She was retirement age, over 60! When I returned to pick up the Stork, she admitted this was one of the best ideas yet for their April Fools joke and she thought it was a riot. We all had a good laugh, and that’s what gag gifts are all about!


Do you have a great gag gift idea
for one of our Storks?

Call me and let’s make it happen!

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