Stork Rentals Columbia SC


Stork Rentals Columbia SC

Whether celebrating a 1st birthday, or the 50th, our STORKS are great for announcing “Birthdays!” For the young & not so young, our STORKS make wonderful gifts. Imagine the surprise of the “not so young” when they find a STORK in their yard with their original birth information announcing “Happy Birthday” to all the world. You supply the information, we supply the STORK!


My wife and I use the Stork each year to celebrate our daughters birthday. We have a bundle we keep set aside that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY on one side, and on the other side it says X YEARS OLD. I change the number each year according to her age. It has become a tradition in our family and our daughter has come to expect it in the yard each year for her birthday.


If you would like to establish a similar tradition in your family, we can customize a bundle just for your son or daughter saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY (name) and X YEARS OLD as we have done for our daughter, or if you prefer to put something different on your bundle, we can do that too. You keep the bundle and each year we’ll make a change in the age. Our charge for you to keep a customized bundle is just $10 extra, a one time only fee so that you can use the same bundle year after year.


Birthday traditions are fun! If you announced the birth of your child with our Stork, consider starting a birthday tradition to celebrate the first birthday of your precious bundle of joy! And even if you didn’t use our Stork to announce the birth of your child, there is no time like the present to begin a new tradition.

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