In June of 2003, my wife and I were blessed with the birth of our precious baby girl. When we arrived home, we were welcomed in a way that truly surprised us… As we were approaching our house, we noticed that perched on our lawn waiting for us to arrive home, was a Stork!!!


It was really wonderful to know that even though our family wasn’t there when we came home from the hospital, they cared enough to find a very special way to welcome us home. I was so impressed by this gift, I bought the company when I heard it was for sale.

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In February of 2004, I opened for business. We will certainly remember this gift, especially considering the fact that I now own the business. But even if I didn’t own the business, there is a reminder on our daughters bedroom wall that will always take us back to that very special day when we brought our precious “Callie Rene” home.


When I look back on that wonderful day, there is one fact that now stands out for me… and that is the immediate effect the Stork had on my wife and me.


Although it is very exciting to bring your baby home for the first time, it is also a bit stressful. Suddenly, on the trip home, you are hit with the realization of the responsibility that you now face, and that is the reality of raising a child, of having the life of another completely dependent on you for survival…and you start wondering if you’ve done everything that needed to be done…what might have been forgotten? Thoughts are just running through your head like crazy.

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But…just as we approached the house, and all this excitement coupled with those minor worries in our heads…well…we see that our lawn has been decorated to welcome us home!


Here was the amazing part for me…suddenly, all of those little worries just disappeared. I found myself back in the moment of excitement that this day was meant for! The worries were gone, and the joy of the moment returned. We ran and got a neighbor to take pictures of us with our precious baby girl in front of the Stork. All was well in our world!!!

And now you know why I couldn’t resist buying this business when I learned it was for sale. It is my hope that others will experience the same excitement that my wife and I did when we returned home from the hospital to find a Stork perched on the lawn waiting for us and “Little Miss Callie.”


Best Regards,
Gregory Lohr
Proud Daddy of Callie Rene